Vicki's Baby Bible

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Vicki's Baby Bible provides pregnancy health advice for all new mums-to-be including helpful pregnancy information you need from the moment you discover you're carrying your new baby through to meeting them for the first time in the delivery room. 

Vicki's Baby Bible will be delivered to your e-mail instantly on checkout and includes 31 pages of information for you read from trimester 1 to the 3rd trimester and beyond. 

What to expect from your purchase:

1st Trimester: This section provides a new mother with access to loads of valuable and informative information on the first stage of your pregnancy. Understand what are the key issues you will be experiencing using Vicki’s references to allow you to simply prepare yourself for these first 12 weeks Pregnancy help. Scans, pregnancy eating, pregnancy diet plan, blood test and choosing hospital / birth centre and health professionals. . You will have the answers to all your questions.

2nd Trimester: This trimester ( 13 – 26 weeks Pregnancy ) you will start to pregnancy planning experience  fetal movements as you baby grows big and strong in your womb. From here you need to think about your changing body shape ,diet and nutrition, what comes next with scans and blood tests. Making important next step choices including antenatal classes and thought around your delivery choices .It's also time to start thinking of support people that you may want to have in your birthing experience. Trimester 2 focuses on big questions and considers options for you to guide and assist you on your journey.

 3rd Trimester : Now is the time ( 27weeks Pregnancy - until birth )  to understand the changes that come just before the birth. Changes such as body image, decision making regarding lifestyle, work, exercise.  Understanding problems that can arise in this period. Birth planning, minimizing the fears of the birth process. How to educate your partner for support during the birth. Vicki will also share what to expect with baby’s first minutes following birth.

 The 4th Trimester is a period in your pregnancy journey that Vicki private midwife care refers to as 'matters that you should know about after the birth of your baby'. There are suggestions for mum, partner and baby before and after you go home. These ideas are the result of years of experience preparing mum and baby for the next phase after the birth. This package will help relieve any thoughts you are having around 'what happens now?' and provide a guide for the first steps of parenthood. 

Buy a bundle of 'Peace Of Mind' from a professional who knows. With over 30+ years of experience as a midwife in Sydney, Australia, Vicki is here to help with any questions you may have about your pregnancy journey