About Vicki


Vicki has been a labour ward midwife for over thirty years. She has managed deliveries for mothers in three different countries and cultures around the world. For years Vicki has been a fountain of knowledge for new and returning parents, she uses her warmth and advocacy for patients to be informed and prepared for the journey they are about to embark on.

Vicki holds impressive qualifications and credentials and specialises in a number of areas of nursing obstetrics. Like everything in her life, Vicki is a hands-on professional, be it midwife, mother, grandmother or teacher. Vicki approaches life be it professional or at home with a well thought out plan. She has the skills and experience to manage difficult obstetric challenges to the admiration of her medical colleagues. Vicki’s testament to her skills and special approach is evident by the thousands of thank you cards she has received and cherishes from her patients.



We were so lucky to have a one on one antenatal class with Vicki. Her knowledge and experience is incredible, her advice is practical and her support invaluable. One of my greatest take aways from our one of one class was the confidence she instilled in me to give birth to our baby.

Honestly, thank you for all that you did for us. I had such a positive birth experience because of you. Sometimes I don’t think midwives fully appreciate the impact they have on new mums lives, but your kindness, guidance and Vicki-isms will always be with me.

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vicki the midwife